36% Golden Cacao & Lemon Chocolate Bean-To-Bar | 65g.

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Lemon Pie Bean to Bar Chocolate. A healthier white treat... with lemon 

Ingredients: Cacao, Panela (raw unrefined sugar), powdered milk, cacao butter and organic lemon.

Our golden chocolate sweetened with unrefined cane sugar is blended with organic lemon for this chocolate. Soft and citrus nuances resulting from panela and lemon allow us to share a mild chocolate that provides a fresh aftertaste with lemon pie notes.

Chucho is shown in this package. He is a typical Tolima farmer dressed with a "poncho" and a hat, who wakes up early in the morning to work and storytell. Always a dreamer, restless and innovative person.

Before growing cacao, Chucho used his land to grow sugar cane with which he made colorful sculptures sold to make agua de panela. President Obama or the Virgin of Carmen among his most famous characters, these exemplified the originality of his work and his motivation to be different and avoid the fall of sugar cane prices.

Chucho is today a cacao-grower because his previous crop became impossible to sustain. He now enriches our community with his creativity and humor.
Our purpose is to support him and his family with our Responsible Chocolate movement and improve his quality of life. He lives in a small clay house with no electricity or drinkable water, matters that we are aiming to improve.