Bean-To-Bar Premium Chocolate. 56% Cacao & Coffee. 65g

Bean-To-Bar Premium Chocolate. 56% Cacao & Coffee. 65g

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56% CACAO AND COFFEE.      Colombia's flag favorite blend.

Notes: Red fruits and coffee.
Variety: Heavy criollo hybrids.              Ingredients: Cacao 56%, Caturra Specialty Coffee, and Cacao Butter.

The impact specialty coffee has had for Colombia has been remarkable. Our country rose to the top when coffee consumers began looking for arabica genetics and special notes. The same can be said when the chocolate market began to specialize and dark chocolate no longer was called bitter chocolate.

This bar is a blend of our arabica and criollo genetics from coffee and cacao, both outstanding in flavor and unique to our soil. 

Lucas is the main character in this bar. He was one of the first small farmers to believe in our program and has been working with us since 2016. Besides harvesting over 6.000 trees, he takes care of 3 white-bean criollo trees that grow in his land and which are now being multipled in the region. He lives in a small house built from clay and bamboo with his wife and one daughter. His three other sons have already departed looking for better opportunities. We want to have them back in the farm helping his father and recognizing that farming in Colombia is well paid and has a bright future.