The early Beginning

Evreything started in 2008 when my dad and I started working together at AgroFinance, a company that was created to help farmers fund their Agricultural and Manufacturing startups and businesses.

At the time, we used to set all their business plans to set funding  strategies according to their needs and organizing all the financial information to showcase and forecast their productive plans.

By the time to time, I started to see an opportunity to help small farmers and indigenous tribes add value to their production at the farm level, while I developing easy to use beverages and edibles. I always thought that the best way to add value is using sustainable packaging, clean manufacturing and processing techniques to preserve foods in the healthiest way.


My focus is Specialty Coffee, Coconut Panela Raw Sugar & Criollo Cacao Bean-To-Bar Chocolates from each region of Colombia.


After a long journey where I learnt to think strategically and with the business mindset, I decided to jump into the market with FrutoTrading, a company that owns the brands Fruto-Coco, Colombino Farmers, and Criollos Cacao.

 Now days our purpose is to put an END to forced migration and coca plantations in Colombia, while we help small farming families to add value from the production spot.
What are we doing to accomplish our purpose: The Cup of Change
  • We are donating funds for educational programs with Fundación El Campesino.
  • For each pound of coffee we donate $3 USD to fund grants and have, one farmer at a time:
    • learn new post harvest techniques
    • improve exotic varietals and certify their farms with G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practices) along with Organic & Rain Forest Certifications. 


Like the head-hunters at the corporate level, we are the FARMER-HUNTERS, but at the farm level, to bring you the most exotic and high quality superf-foods and beverages. Let's take a look.


A place where the farmer is the hero.


This beverages and edibles are processed with sustainable practices and a DIRECT TRADE basis that allows you to enjoy the best of the best.



 We are seeking to help our communities, achieve social, cultural and positive economic impact.



By doing this we aim to change lives and increase health and wealthiest across the world.