explore the farmers journey

Let's explore together the farmers journey with a cup of coffee.

At Colombino we take pride of our main partners and heroes:


We truly believe we need to highlight their journey because their hands and the hard work, are the starting point of everything we eat and drink.

In Colombia, at the farm level, things are not easy, specially after the post-conflict journey, farmers are still waiting for paved roads and the required  infrastructure to be at a competitive level.
At COLOMBINO, we feel we need to pay it forward, in order to achieve our social purpose:
-to put an END to forced migration with education-

We believe, educational programs, are not only the best way to do it, it's the only ONE way to help them add value from the production spot.
For this reason, we have created THE CUP OF CHANGE, partnering with Fundación ACPO, we aim to strength the program ¨AULAS DIGITALES¨.
AULAS DIGITALES is an innovative educational program to train farmers using technology and post harvest techniques to help them add value from the production spot.
To support this initiative, we are donating $1 USD per sold pound of coffee on a subscription basis.