Golden Berry Bean-To-Bar Premium Chocolate. 56% Cacao. 65g

Golden Berry Bean-To-Bar Premium Chocolate. 56% Cacao. 65g

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Organic freeze-dried fruit combined with exotic & premium chocolate 

Ingredients: Panela (raw unrefined sugar), 56% cacao, golden berries and cacao butter.

Physalis or commonly named golden berry is an amazonian exotic fruit. Its form is similar to a grape but with a golden color. This fruit has been found as very healthy and is the most exported exotic fruit by Colombia. Inside the very small grape, lots of antioxidants lie hidden waiting to support the body with its benefits. This little fruit has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits linked to its consumption, according to scientific studies. Its flavor is like a mix between peach and pineapple although more acid. 

The fruit used for this chocolate bar is dried via freeze method, making taste and smell like a recently harvested fruit. This drying method also preserved more nutrients due to its low temperature processing. 

We blend the fruits intensity with special cacao hybrids of fruity notes making of thus bar one of our best and rarest.