Bean-To-Bar Premium Chocolate. 100% unroasted cacao. 65g

Bean-To-Bar Premium Chocolate. 100% unroasted cacao. 65g

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100% Unroasted Cacao.

Notes: Lemon peel, cheese and wood.
Variety: Heavy criollo hybrids Ingredients: Unroasted Cacao beans.                   

Edgar is an opportunity chaser. He was born in Coper, Boyaca, where he lived for thirty years. He grew up there growing sugar cane but left to the coast looking for opportunities after suffering the crop’s price fall.

He arrived in San Pedro, Sucre, and worked two years as a cotton collector. He left this job motivated to experience a new adventure. His next destination was Bolivar, and he worked there as a boat operator for a year. He then returned to his hometown, where he worked with livestock for five more years. He emigrated to Chiquinquira, to the west of Boyaca, and worked as an urban transporter.

This job did not make him happy, so he looked for an exit and travelled to Los Llanos, where he worked with cattle again but this time transporting it to the capital. He also loaded banana in his truck. He went back to his hometown to manage a small fruit farm. From Coper he left to Bogotá once again, where he worked for two years driving a freight truck. He then went down to Puerto Gaitán to drive for oil companies and left to Vichada to manage a cattle herd.

He finally came to San Cayetano after all this travelling, as a tragic moment within his family reminded him that being close to his loved ones was the most important thing.

Don Edgar lives in a farm that has produced cacao for more than sixty years, whose beautiful landscapes are his everyday wake up sight and where he has the responsibility of taking care of special genetic cacao trees.