100 Colombian Coffee

100% Colombian Coffee

We seek for Colombia's best farmers and its finest coffees. Join us and discover an incredible flavor and sensory experience with each sip.

From Nariño, Valle, Caldas to Santa Marta we source on a Direct Trade basis a number of options, including exotic varieties, profiles and processes made at the farm level. 

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Cacao to Chocolate

Fine Flavor Cacao to Chocolate

Discover a new cacao to chocolate experience with delicious bean to bar n cup chocolates. In this journey you will find drinking chocolates and chocolate bars, from 100% cacao to 70% cacao concentration, paired with tropical fruits and sweetened with Panela (raw & unrefined sugar) 


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Treats n Bites

Get Tropical

Our tropical farm ecosystem is full of coffee, cacao, fruits and baked bites and treats. Here you will find everything what pairs your coffee and cacao experiences, with all the Colombian traditional foods: Panela Raw Sugar, Empanadas, Pandebono, Guava Avocados, Plantains, Passion Fruit, Golden Berries and tons of delicious foods.

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