What is Ceremonial Cacao and The Difference Between Cocoa

What is Cacao Ceremony?

It’s the authentic beverage of the Gods rituals, and it’s the masterpiece of our morning rituals for self renewal that keep us focused, connected to our minds & souls while living in a good way.

Our process of working with small farming families growing cacao plantations in Colombia, helps to put an END to forced migration and coca plantations, encourages our creative expressions and many other healing modalities that guide us in navigating our own experiences. Along the way, we have found these experiences teach us to discover a deeper connection with mother nature, the universal elements and our self, that we didn’t experience before.

We truly believe you can find same: cacao has power to help each one of us embrace the compassion the world needs to eradicate poverty within farming communities and at the same time, find our life & soul purpose.
Gathering around our families and friends with drinking chocolate allow us to increase awareness of our self-healing power by connecting and inspiring our spirits.
Cacao ceremonies allow us to engage with chocolate as a ritual, instead of consuming it as candy, has social impact within communities and on our individual well-being.


Why Cacao is different and better than Cocoa Powder?

Colombino Farmers 100% cacao drink is freshly extracted in micro batches only from whole criollo cacao beans, grown by small farming families along Colombia and its beautiful rain forest landscape. The cacao liquor (paste) naturally includes cacao butter, which is one of the highest-grade fats and is the most effective connection of cacao healing power into your body and spirit.  


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