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A farm ecosystem around Coffee & Cacao you will love,
from the tropical rain forest to your hands.

Crafted by experts

Colombino Farmers have passionately honed their craft over years of experience and tradition, farming the most exotic and unique varietals.

Sustainable Sourced

Not only at the farm level we encourage growers to develop rigorous protocols to preserve ecosystems, we do our part using eco-friendly packaging along with free of sugar and additives foods. 

Pay it forward

We are giving back part of our profits to fund farmers educational programs at origin. Be part of the cup of change to help them thrive at the production spot.

100% Colombian Specialty Coffees

Fine Flavor Criollo Cacao

Ceremony Cacao | Drinking Chocolate 12oz. - Colombino | farmers • roasters • brewistas |



Contents 100% Cacao Paste
100% Cacao Paste
50% Cacao Paste | 50% Panela (Raw & Unrefined Sugar)
Ceremonial Cacao (75% Cacao Paste | 25% Cinnamon & Ginger)
Aged Cacao Paste

This 100% Cacao paste is the authentic food of the gods.

Allow your body and mind perform at their best, every minute of your day.

Taken daily in your morning rituals, the cacao flavanols present in COLOMBINO drinking chocolate, promotes healthy blood flow, helping your body release oxygen and deliver vitality your organs and your system as whole, including muscles, tissues, heart, brain and sprit.

Responsible Chocolate

Cacao has power, and we use this powerful superfood to help farmers thrive at the production spot, paying above the marketplace prices while we reward farmers for their effort.

100% Colombian

Grown and Processed in Colombia, Packed in the U.S by Colombians.

We let the customers speak for us

Brewistas Style

Colombian Treats

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